Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gathering in the Deadlands

Gathering in the Deadlands of Northern Califorina to pay for the AntikytherA Recording and to press it to Vinyl. I am collecting signatures down here in the Sacramento area, and small towns in its orbit such as Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Placerville and Pollock Pines. Everytime i come to this area it is like the twilight zone. There seems to be a large force field bubble over this entire populace. People all look the same, women all wearing the same Target shirt in 3 different colors, baby blue, burgundy or pink. The males wear these kaki pants or short and some lame shirt advertising some insurance company or mountain due or hot topic style crap or tribal design! I think it is a cauldron pot for a secret Lizard creature Breeding operation. Babies everywhere. Pregnant woman everywhere. Dads with crew cuts everywhere. Box stores, strip malls, miles and miles and miles of them. Crap food, fast food, lack of healthy foods, organic stores.
Lots of wealthy people out here. Apparently lots of wealth means you don't have to worry about much or even be concerned with much, of anything, that is happening in the world. All you have to do is worry about yourself, your neurotic unhappy husband or wife, and your sweet baby which you are just cookie cutting into another perfect hologram our your wealthy self. Black people hardly exist in Folsom, even worse than Portland!

anyway, anyhow

While Petitioning i have asked many people what they think of the entire OCCUPY MOVEMENT and most of them have not even heard of it. Totally oblivious to what is happening in our world today. Many people don't even know what a Petition is.

Sitting in the 80+ degree weather yesterday in front of a whole foods that just opened in Folsom i spent an hour arguing with store managers and mall security about my rights to be able to work there, to practice my rights and engage the public to petition our Government. It is humorous and sad at the same time to me that i know more about the law than they do. I ended up calling the silly local Folsom Police on them when they continued to get in my way. Police arrive and explain to them that i do have a right to be there, and that they're only option in a nut shell was to serve me a citizens arrest, whereby i would be arrested. Yet they know not to do this because it would end up in a lawsuit. So the Police leave and being that i only had about 5 hours sleep the night before i sit down and have a cigarette and write these 6 lines down in my notebook.

The Smell of Fear Surrounds
The Vision not so Clear
Cleanse & Torch these grounds
An Alchemy of Poison to the highest Peaks
Released from Psychic Shock
of Corporeal Vampire Descent

The feeling i have when submerged in this part of America with these people and confronting them on the front lines in this way is that there certainly is a great darkness alive and it has infected millions. people don't care anymore, or if they do, and they are mad or discontent, they really have no idea on how to change anything, or how to live their life so as to affect a different outcome in this world.
The Cops and the politician are truly all bought out and serving this...Dark thousand headed BEAST of death. These store managers serve only the corporations and their wishes. And i see that when an individual practicing their freedom, their autonomy, their  sovereign being and will in a conscious, aware and intentional way for a greater good.....the Corporations, seeing themselves as all power, as an authority, strike out to control and thwart this very individual from their practice. Store managers and police just being their all serving tools. I will tell you what, these managers for instance at these stores like whole foods don't give a shit about anyone or the great evolution of any humanity. They serve their masters and the $$$$$$$. They don't give a damn about the people who come into their store for healthy foods, organic foods, alternative options. They certainly will not openly tell you that they get many of their foods from Monsanto. ( if you know anything about what Monsanto dose ).

Ahh, so this is what i am doing to fund the AntikytherA Recording being done in Audible Alchemy Studios with Steve Lobdell. Afterward to be sent to be pressed to Vinyl.

I hate politics, as politics can never lead any country / nation / peoples / individual to any kind of enlightenment. But it appears i use this system, in this world source to pay for the arts. It is for sure that America ( and the world ) needs a Revolution and it is happening and will continue to intensify until there is a fruition.

this is my part in the play this last week. Ironic that being on the front lines, clearing a path through fields  of unconscious armies of human bodies supports my musical creations. Better than wokring at the Plaid Pantry!

Positives to the trip thus far : i have met a handful a really awesome people with souls, gotten to see the beautiful mountains and natur of Lake Tahoe ( of which we have just arrive tonight. ) I have gotten to know my friend Christian a lot more on this trip and we have become great friends.

Previous to this trip, our studio time had been ver Intense between myself, Matt and Sam. Steve has been a great engineer and i have learned that he dose not speak in sentences but Paragraphs! He can talk endlessly about almost any band and has great ideas about arrangements and recording styles via equipment/gear/sounds.
When i return from this trip we plan to finish in the studio. Last overdubs, extras, Noise jams witch will include the lovely Amanda on keys of MACROCOSM. Vocals , mixing, mastering.

Looking forward to arriving back in Portland soon. See some good local shows, eat some good food. Finish studio recordings. Play a show on the 26th of Nov at the Megaton / AntikytherA houses. See the 20 cats that live on my property. See friends. They don't have any good shows/venues or a scene at all here in Sacramento.

First AntikytherA Blog Post

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