Monday, August 13, 2012

In Memorium : Onwards and Upwards - New Drummer

Last week we had to part ways with Drummer Matt Foley. Over all it was a very hard decision to come to but all for the best. Matt played with Antikythera for over a year and contributed mountains of energy into this band. Matt helped with with songs ideas / structures as well as booking many of the shows we have played in the last year. Matt was an amazing drummer for Antikythera and the bands existence wouldn't be where it is without him. He was more a Thrash drummer than a Doom drummer and that helped create the style of what is our current songs that we just recorded with Adam Pike. Ultimately a new / different style of drumming that suites the vision of Antikythera is underway! 

We are now rehearsing with Dave Wolf, a long time friend and ex-band-mate of Jeremy ( bassist ) . 
Dave plays a bigger kit over all - Kick/Ride. He fucking uses drum sticks that are as fat as elephant tusks! Since we started practicing there is a small pile of kindling all over the rug and around the drum set.  Great all around guy. And you prolly wont be seeing him playing / running around in his sweat soaked undies like matt did. (: take that as you will - Positiva? / Negitiva ? :)

We are playing the House show August 22nd out here at the Megaton Leviathan / Antikythera houses : And we are writing a whole new set to play for this show. Since we played with Matt Foley over the last year and a half we had a set that consisted of 2 full songs, a noise peice, and a cover of the Jesus Lizard song "fly on the wall." I wish i could say that we had more material for that time period but thats it, and another reason we are excited to be jamming with Dave. So any of ya who are interested to either see us play a whole new set, and either kill it or totally sound like shit, come out to this show! 

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