Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bay Area shows

 Oakland shows were good times. We played at The STork Club and Eli's. Thanks to the venues and bands. lack Pussy had their van robbed - 3 computers........all while dude was resting in the back! good thoughts to them to get their shit back! The shows went well - Jonathan has been picking up the songs ( on Drums ) very very well. Especially for thuis only being the 2nd time all 3 of us have ever played together!

This morning --- i woke up in the van in the Mission area - others stayed up at the loft of our friend Peter whom has been super cool and has been helping us out. Thanks man!

 We play tonight at NA Lounge - in the new space they built recently

Satya Sena
Hoopsnake (Canada)

7:00pm doors 7:30pm show
$7 advance
$8 at doors

DNA Lounge
375 Eleventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-626-1409 (info)

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