Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mayan Psych Doom Mayan Revival! Recording soon + 2013 Tour

Fuck, its been a dark winter thus far. But at this point we start gaining LIGHT in thee North Hemispheres. Through all this cold and dark we have been crafting new music. Some of you heard 2 of the new songs while we were on tour, and the 2 shows we have played here in Portland since - and we are writing another. 3 Songs = a new full album around 40-ish min of material. Planning to Record around the End of February. Budget aside, we will find a way to mark these upon some vinyl! We need a Label! All you Moms, Dads, Friends, & Freaks out there feel free to Donate! Some shows currently in the works for PDX, Eugene, and possibly Seattle, Bellingham, Olympia , Tacoma.

Will be planning a West Coast / South West Tour Soon for April 2013.
David Wolf is with us again on Drums! Thank you Jonathan Nicosia for all you dedication to making this last Tour happen. Much Love.

Thanks to all for the support!

And just because the world did not end like Hollywood would have you believe (and they did with a majority of the populace - at least in MIND thru Fear ) in all their black majik wizardry and deception dose not mean that the Maya were and are a brilliant culture / genius mathematicians and astrologers. Let the laser like focus of the 12-21-12 date show that we have a ways to climb before we live the like of the Mayans level of understanding of this world and the universe which surrounds.

......fuck yeah, we are geeks!

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