Sunday, July 7, 2013

Antikyther Tour 2013 - Portland to Austin TX and Back - Thanks to all! New Album "PleromA" up for Sale -

Finally Recovered from our 3 week tour ( i think ) - and back in Portland Oregon. So many Thanks - Thanks to : The Kenton Club, The Colony, the Down n Out Bar, Tiny Town, the Limelite, Beerland, the Black Hole, The Cottage House, the Dive, Jose's, Eli's - Thanks to all the amazing bands we got to play with - especially, Rolling through the Universe,  Bloodmoon, Diesto, DROUGHT, Ninth Moon Black, Humors, Sutratma, Death Kings, Suffering Luna, Blood Fuck, ORYX, Green Crown, God Hunter, Pill Crusher, Old and Ill, Circle of Vulture, Ghulheim, 30.06, Swampwolf, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Hypatian, Far Corners, Bad Blood --- HUge thanks to Cody and Caty of Herbstomp, Peter Tomis, Every member of Drought, Everyone from Rolling thru the Universe, .........Every band!!!!! To those who put us up in your homes and on ya floors! Thanks to John of BrokenboardSATX. Thanks to ABSTRACTER in Oakland and ELI"S for putting together a show that unfortunately fell thru ---- the same goes to the Michael and the dudes from Facinorous for the Atascadero show that fell thru -----thanks to Jon in Monterey, to D. Harwig for rescuing 2 of us on the side of the Freeway! - James in Vegas, Tommy Davis of ORYX, Don L., Mike J., Daniel Dismal & Century Media Records, Julie J, Doug in the Bay for the floorspace and BBQ + , to BEER in San Antonio, to Aquarius Records, Vas 3 Records, SOLO Christian for coming with us and making the Live Visual light show happen, Fester, to the wild crazy awesome people of the Triangle T Ranch and the indian spirits that dwell there for having us, The Church of the 8th Day, to the Great RED Beast that carried us thru 126 degree death valley weather, to ourselves for not killing each other and making it all happen, THANKS TO EVERYONE that attended the shows! It was great meet so many good people and new friends. Thanks to Sam Ford for making the Album Art happen, to Adrienne Varner for piano tracks, to Joy Von Spain for vocals on "Leviathan Smiles" - Thanks to all the Taco trucks and 99cent stores and along the way  -
We had a Really awesome time on this Tour - Hoping to have the new album on Vinyl sometime soon - here is a link to the new CD / PATCH Album for Sale - AND A HUGE THANKS TO ALL THOSE THAT DONATED AND HELPED GET US HOME WHEN WE BROKE DOWN IN MONTEREY CA. - Anna, Travis, Kurtis, Cody, Caty, Matt, Justin, Adi, Mick, Mallory, Eric the Red, Jason Hoopes, David Konsumer, Ross, Mort Subite, Erica, Martin, Megaton Leviathan, Tim! - WE MADE IT BACK WITH YOUR HELP + SOME CRAZY LUCK!

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